Company Overview

ISS - Information Software Systems:

ISS bullet
a reliable business vehicle for Hi-tech companies to outsource their software development and engineering projects in Ukraine
ISS bullet
a wide spectrum services provider to companies based in Ukraine or those looking to expand operations to Ukraine

ISS Ltd. was founded in 2000 as a company for Motorola outsourced engineering projects in Ukraine, and has been the exclusive partner for Motorola and Freescale (former Motorola Semiconductor sector) in Ukraine. Since 2000 ISS has expanded its activity and increased its staff from 15 to almost 100.
ISS partners with different Motorola and Freescale affiliates and works on various projects for these affiliates.

ISS continuously enhances its expertise in embedded systems, formal methods, automated test generating, symbol computing, compilers, and microelectronics.

ISS - engineering expertise is concentrated within the major Labs:

- ISS Software Verifications and Testing Lab
- ISS Semiconductors Lab
- ISS (Kiev) Embedded Software Lab (KESL)

The company has been awarded and recognized for meeting the highest customer standards. In 2003 ISS became the first software company in Ukraine to be formally assessed for CMM, is a globally recognized Quality Standard for Software Development Technological Process. ISS was assessed for CMM level 3, joining the ranks of the honored club of 1500 companies from 60 countries that meet this highest Quality Standard.

ISS has exceptional business expertise in providing flexible business solutions in an ethical and legal environment. These practices are key enablers to our success:

- Talent supply through partnerships with University Programs
- Financial transparency and compliance with laws and regulations
- Competitive Pricing
- CMMI compliant software development
- Engineering Analytical Lab
- IT solutions allowing required level of security and access to customers networks
- Sophisticated premises security and infrastructure of workplaces
- World class business and HR processes and practices
- Integrity and ethics
- All English speaking staff

ISS also provides flexible Engineering personnel leasing and customized English training services to multinational Hi-Tech companies. We also offer consulting services to multinational companies in Ukraine in areas of IT, HR management, and business processes.

ISS - Activity Diversification:

ISS activity diversification based on ongoing market needs analysis ensures our financial stability and business reliability.