IT Consulting

IT Technology Solutions

ISS prides itself in offering a customer-oriented approach to consulting. With your input, we can help transform your business needs into a system that will increase office productivity and your bottom line. We will sit down with you and learn about your business goals and requirements. Based on this, we will determine what mix of hardware and software best suits your company needs. ISS has the knowledge and expertise to help you achieving your business objectives using the most technologically efficient means of managing:

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Customer Relations (through CRM)
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Group work (through solutions like SharePoint services)
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Collaboration and Messaging (through solutions like Microsoft Exchange), and other

IT Governance

For many enterprises, information and the technology that supports it represent their most valuable, but often least understood, assets. Successful enterpises recognise the benefits of information technology and use it to drive their stakeholders value. These enterprises also understand and managee the associated risks, such as increasing regulatory compliance and critical dependence of many business process on IT. The need for assurance about the value of IT, management of IT realeted risks and increased requirements for control over information are now understood as key elements of enterprise governance. With our IT governance services, we advise on all aspects of this, from the alignment of IT and business strategy through introduction of good management practice.

Risk Management

What is good risk management? In simple terms, risk is anything that can come between you and your business goals. Anywhere that you find people or technology interacting with your organisation, you'll find risk. Demographic or economic pressures, innovation in or mere reliance on processes and technology, changing legislation or compliance all present threats. The way your business uses technology is essential to your competitive edge. And the better you manage and control your Information Systems and use of technology, the sharper that edge will be. Our Information Technology Risk Management team can give you assurance over the risks you face. We help you improve the control and security of your information systems. Building robust defences against the ever-increasing array of external and internal threats.

Information Security

Organisations today are faced with complex Information Security issues to manage. Constantly changing technologies mean new threats and new vulnerabilities all the time. We use a range of tools and techniques to help you identify and assess where you might be most vulnerable and assist you in setting up a proper framework for good practice in Information Security Management. We can help to identify weaknesses within your IT infrastructure and assess and advise on the establishment of good security in your core business systems.

Business Continuity Management & Disaster Recovery Planning

Every business and organization can experience a serious incident which can prevent it from continuing normal operations. This this can happen any day at any time. The potential causes are many and varied: flood, explosion, computer malfunction, accident, grievious act... the list is endless. Our Business Continuity Management services are designed to help you anticipate, plan for and recover from disasters ranging from the minor to the catastrophic. We help you to understand and assess the risks and threats you face, increase your resilience and develop prioritised strategies and plans for reducing or responding to their impact.

Documented policies, standard, procedures

Documented IT operational policies, standarts, procedures will enable you to formalize the work of your IT department and make it transparent for the top management. ISS experts develop full pakage of necessary documens for your IT operation, the service will bring you quality results without distracting your own IT staff from their everyday duties. You will get following benefits from using our service: ISO 9000 driven IT operations and decreased time for the new staff on-boarding as their familiarization with their job roles will be facilitated by standardized documented instructions and regulations.