Integrity and Ethics

ISS has built a strong culture of corporate ethics and citizenship. The company places a high priority on establishing integrity in all our business activities.

As a company and as individuals, ISS and its employees are dedicated to building trust and acting in the most ethical ways towards our customers, partners, vendors, the community and the State.

From the way we treat our employees to how we execute our business strategies, we are dedicated to never compromise honesty and fairness.

As a responsible citizen, ISS has created a business environment with no tolerance for unethical or illegal conduct. ISS is compliant with Ukrainian laws and regulations, as well as contract provisions that govern our business.

We maintain transparency in our accounting, internal controls or audit matters. We are open to discuss any concerns our customers may have about any compliance issues.

ISS accounting and billing practices are fully compliant with applicable laws and regulations. All financial books, records and accounts accurately reflect transactions and events and conform to required accounting principles. Transparency in these practices allows us to build and maintain trust in our relationships with our customers.

Our payroll system is in full compliance with all applicable laws, including provision of applicable fringes, such as full social security and government pension to our employees.

Our IT systems and processes are designed to protect confidentiality. Sensitive, private or confidential customer information is protected with the same level of care as we protect our own information.

The IT department ensures that only licensed software is used at ISS.

ISS partners with the community in which we operate to create work opportunities and support community programs. ISS provides financial and volunteer support to programs such as the World War II veterans support organization.

We consider it crucial to our reputation and our success to apply these high ethical standards to all internal and external business activities.

Building quality relationships with customers, vendors, partners, prospect and current employees is the key to our competitive advantage.