Software Engineering Overview

ISS has created a mature software development environment enabling successful implementation of customer requirements with respect to a given budget, schedule and quality. Working extensively with Motorola and Freescale, we have accumulated unique expertise concentrated in these two areas:

1. Development of instrumental tools for automated requirements capturing using formal methods
2. Support of different types of activities in embedded programming for Motorola/Freescale hardware

ISS continuously invests in improvement of the software development process to meet highest quality standards. In 2003 ISS became the first software company in Ukraine to be formally assessed for CMM of SEI (more about the SW Development process) Level 3.The process is feasible enough to cover different types of customer models and requirements. Now the company is successfully completing the transition from CMM to CMMI with the elements of Agile methods technology.

We are well equipped to conduct short-term projects such as outsourcing of maintenance or testing phases, as well as long-terms programs including full life cycle of software development based on the applications of the activities performed by our R&D group staffed by leading Ukrainian scientists.