Usability Services

In general usability is a set of software product parameters that indicate how well the software fits end-user needs, whether its behavior corresponds to user expectations.

Frequently a software or an online product (for example, an e-commerce web-site), despite sizeable investment into development and advertisement, lack of usability detracts users from it.
Optimizing usability makes a software product easy to learn and use, tolerant to user mistakes and pleasant to work with, thus, competitive on the market.

Depending on the stage of a project and time/budget resources we offer the following services:

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During the design stage we develop optimal informational architecture of your software product: create logical menu structure, build up understandable connections between modules, and create logical sequences for completing typical end-user tasks from the users point of view. Optimally, informational architecture development requires involvement of representative group of end-users.
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During the development stage we conduct iterative prototype testing involving end-users. At every testing stage prototype is modified and then tested again. These cycles are performed repeatedly until the desired result is obtained. Testing can be held on electronic interactive prototypes as well as on paper (mock-ups).
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To redesign existing software product for better usability we offer an option to conduct full-scale usability testing or just expertise, depending on the budget. In any case we provide a list of detected problems and a set of recommendations on how to eliminate them.