Click that Opens New IT-Century in Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine. September 20, 2007

IT Committee Meeting

 The American Chamber of Commerce


The first after summer vacation period IT Committee meeting took place on September 20.
The evening was dedicated to the subject of future concept of IT Services, Technology Media & Telecommunications covered by two complementary presentations.

The first presenter was Sergey Bondarenko's from Deloitte under the title "Eye to The Future" presenting Deloitte Research's report on TMT (Technology Media & Telecommunications) core trends and predictions up to 2010.



Developing the issue, Victoria Yevtoushenko, ISS-Information Software Systems Ltd., gave a presentation "Click that Opens New IT-Century in Ukraine".

The ISS's new market offer presented that night was elaborated on the base of the fact that the bandwidth of the Internet is increasing rapidly, opening a new world of possibilities. The presenter proved that instead of paying and investing on software and hardware it is more reasonable and effective today just to buy those as a service and let specialists to manage it.
The attendees, specialists in the IT industry, immediately considered the innovation strategically and especially actively discussed the issue with the prospects of payment terms, taxation conditions and the Ukrainian problems of electricity supply.