Practical Seminar

KYIV, Ukraine. November 22-23, 2007

Software Development Process: Best Practices

Kyiv, November 22-23, 2007 – ISS presented new Practical Seminar "Modern Software Development Practices: Process and Technologies", which covered different aspects of modern Software Development Process (SDP), and was designed as a hands-on knowledge sharing with the participants audience. The seminar was prepared as a follow-up session in response to requests received from participants of the previous Seminar on Modern Software Developments Practices conducted in May, 2007.

The Seminar lecturers Mrs. Ludmila Matveeva, PhD, ISS SQE Leader, Mr. Stepan Potiyenko, ISS Senior Developer, and Mr. Roman Yagodka, ISS Test Leader in their presentations from 3 different angles (SQA, SW development, and Testing) were sharing experience at Software Development based on a Defined Process. Particular attention was drawn to the correlation between a well-defined SDP and product quality, effective requirements engineering and software testing process.

The lecturers in particular focused on SDP defining and documenting, requirements development and management, software development and design, metric program implementation, defects prevention activities, software testing process and test automation concepts.

7 modules were presented throwing light on the overall picture of the following basic aspects:

1) Fundamentals of SW Development Defined Process including overview of CMMI approach in SW Development Process composition with special focus on process resources like SW Process Handbook, Templates and Checklists as well as the role of Quality Assurance Engineer.

2) Role of Measurement in Process Management including overview of the Process Improvement Cycle, overview of CMMI approach to modern SW Development Practices like Agile with special focus on Measurement Procedures like Planning, Gathering, Analysis, and Metrics Program Composition.

3) Role of Defect Prevention Activities in process and product quality improvement with the following activities considered briefly: Checklists, Kick-offs, Causal Analysis Meetings, Postmortems, Trainings, Review and Code Walkthrough with additional focus on Training Program Deployment.

4) Fundamentals of SW Requirements Development and fundamentals of managing the Requirements, including managing Customer Expectations.

5) Fundamentals of SW Development Process with focus on intergroup coordination and management of changes and configuration.

6) Fundamentals of SW Testing and best practices for successful applying with special focus on Automation including detailed step-by-step example demonstrating how to implement automation principles.

7) Fundamentals of Software Testing and key principles for successful automation application and features with a detailed step-by-step example demonstrating how to implement the best automation practices.

100% of participants confirmed their interest in the topics covered at the Seminar and gave positive feedbacks regarding comprehensiveness of the materials presented.  ISS considers continuing educational and consulting activities in area of Software Quality Engineering.

Information about ISS. ISS Ltd. was founded in 2000 as a company for Motorola outsourced engineering projects in Ukraine, and has been the exclusive partner for Motorola and Freescale (former Motorola Semiconductor sector) in Ukraine The company has been awarded and recognized for meeting the highest customer standards. In 2003 ISS became the first software company in Ukraine to be formally assessed for CMM, is a globally recognized Quality Standard for Software Development Technological Process. ISS expertise in this area is proven by own CMMI compliant software development. The company has been continuously improving and raising flexibility of SW Development Technological Process. Commitment to and investment in the Quality improvement allows ISS to keep its leading position in this area on the Ukrainian market.

Contact information. Nataliya Matsneva. Business Development Director.
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