Modern Software Development Practices

KYIV, Ukraine. — May 23, 2007

ISS has conducted an open seminar on Modern Software Development Practices

Kyiv, May 18, 2007 – ISS hosted an open Seminar "Modern Software Development Practices: Process and Technologies".Presentations covered different aspects of modern Software Development Process, and in particular focused on Model Driven Engineering approach that enhances SW Quality to the level of industrial production.

The Seminar lecturers Mr. Vlad Volkov, PhD, ISS Program Manager, Ms. Ludmila Matveeva, PhD, ISS SQE Leader, Mr. Stepan Potiyenko, Senior Developer, and Mr. Roman Yagodka, ISS Test Leader in their presentations covered different aspects of modern Software Development Process, and in particular focuses on Model Driven Engineering approach  that enhances SW Quality to the level of industrial production.

One of the lecturers presented the VRS (Verification of Requirement Specification) tool developed at ISS for automated verification of requirements specification. The 40%-20%-40% model of estimating efforts distribution through software development phases (Design – Coding – Testing) was used to addresses significance of reducing efforts on Design and Testing phases and justifying investments into code/test automation and generation made on these phases. The lecturer spoke about the benefits of using VRS tool, about the solutions the tool offers to address problems of Cost-of-Quality control, of overcoming limitations to project scale by capabilities of manual verification of requirements, improving quality at the initial phases of a software project. Areas of VRS application and results of tool usage in Motorola were presented as well.

3 presentations from 3 different angles (SQA, SW development, and Testing) were speaking about software development based on a defined process, while drawing particular attention to the overview of CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integrated) approach and comparison to other modern software development models and practices, such as Agile. Special focus was given to the correlation between a well-defined process and product quality, accuracy of estimates, control, and development planning. The lecturers presented the overall picture of Software process quality models and standards, process improvement cycle, advantages and disadvantages of process model, the benefits of process deployment etc. Seminar participants could learn what the basic steps to improve process capability are, and the ways to obtain practical advantages of the process, such as tracking and quantitative measurement ability; decreasing human factor; results repetition; maintaining quality of products and continuous process improvements ability.

One of the presentations spoke about one more quality feature of software products – Usability. The concept was presented in its multi-meaning entirety as philosophy, empirical science, and a quality property of a software product. The web-page re-design case study was used to present the methodology of usability research as an integral part of quality software development. As it was shown in the case study usability considerations resulted in significant growth of the product customer satisfaction, and consequently in more efficient product utilization and growing business volume generated from the product use. Based on Western practices, usability – still very new concept in Quality portfolio of Ukrainian SW products manufacturers – is to become a widely used methodology in the coming years.

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The Seminar received very positive feedback from it’s over 20 participants. 100% of participants confirmed that the topics covered at the Seminar were of interest and all participants are willing to consider participation in any follow-up events on the matter.
Some feedback quotations are as follows: « очень интересный и полезный семинар, спасибо! », « интересные и полезные темы; очень хорошая стуктурированность презентаций »,  « очень актуально »,  «содержательный семинар »,  « Очень интересные темы подняли. Usability и VRS докладчики порадовали новой качественной информацией, честно говоря ничего подобного в столь систематизированном и наглядном виде до Вашего семинара не встречал.Ваш менеджер по качеству похоже досконально разбирается в предмете и еще у меня сложилось впечатления что СММ у Вас внедрялась не для галочки »